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Pointe-Claire Swim Club takes on California!

Pointe-Claire Swim Club takes on California!

On July 25th-28th Pointe-Claire athletes participated in the 2019 LC Far Westerns Championships in Moraga, CA United States. A group of 14 PCSC athletes from 13-18-years old finished off their season in the competition which hosted over 1400...

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Pointe-Claire Swim Club wins Canadian Junior Championships

Pointe-Claire Swim Club wins Canadian Junior Championships

On July 25th-29th 2019 the Canadian Junior Championships took place at the Repsol center in Calgary Alberta. A showcase of the top 13-17-year-old girls and 14-18-year-old boys in the country, the competition had over 500 athletes representing...

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Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

Pointe-Claire Swim Club has just completed a long series of Championship competitions with great success. We started in February with the 11-12 championships. PCSC won a very convincing victory in addition to winning championship yet. We...

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The swimming team


The Pointe-Claire swimming team is a team at the forefront. We are constantly on the lookout for best practices in the swimming world.

Experienced and passionate coaches ensure that the full potential of each of our athletes is maximized. We are ready to travel around the world to offer many challenges and achieve world-class goals.

In short, the POINTE-CLAIRE experience is unique in the world … You are not part of a team; you are part of a family.


The current swim team was created in 1967 by George Gate. Very quickly, the elite development philosophy and the exceptional recruiting system boosted the performance of the athletes.

Since its founding, the team has contributed to the success of 16 Olympic athletes and has won 5 Olympic medals. The swimming team also has more than 250 national champions.

Even today, the new generation of coaches and athletes applies the fundamentals, vision and philosophy of founder George Gate.



1988 Seoul Olympics
1988 Seoul Olympics
2000 Sydney Olympics
2008 Beijing Olympics
2012 London Olympics

Victor Davis
– Silver Medal, 4×100 m – Medley Relay
– 4th, 100 m – Breaststroke

Paul Szekula,

Craig Hutchison
– 29th, 100 m Freestyle
– 6th, 4×100 m – Medley Relay
– 13th, 4×100 m – Freestyle Relay

Tobias Oriwol
– 14th, 200 m – Backstroke
– 14th, 4×200 m – Freestyle Relay

Samantha Chevreton
– 11th, 200 m – Freestyle
– 4th,  4×200 m – Freestyle Relay
– 12th, 4×100 m  – Medley
– 11th, 4×100 m – Freestyle


Our coaches

Martin Gingras

Senior National Elite Entraîneur-chef

Etienne Paquet

Responsable 10 & under

Natalia Kalbarczyk

Age Group Provincial Development A

Robert MacLean

Provincial B

Angela Santamaria

9 & 10 Years – 1A

Danielle Brabant

8 & Under – 2A

Fernanda Parente

Club Administrator

Paul Biloserskyj

Sport-Études Élite
Responsable Groupe d’âge

Chris Bielby

Senior Provincial A
Responsable Sport-Études

Charles Coffin

Age Group Provincial Development B

Nicole Waldie

Age Group Development C

Stephanie Shewchuk

8 & Under – 2B

Émile Denault

9 & 10 Years – 1D

Arielle Rousseau

Head Athletic Therapist

Philip Garverick

Senior National Development

Félix Gosselin

Age Group Provincial A
Sport-Études Development

Mark McLellan

Provincial B
8 & Under – 2C

Kevin Bertrand

Age Group Development D

Emma O'Donnell

9 & 10 Years – 1C

Esther Savouré

9 & 10 Years – 1B