Pointe-Claire Dive Club wins multiple medals at Winter Senior Nationals

2020 Winter National Championships in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,

December 12th-15th, 2019


Since the beginning of the new season in August, our divers have been focusing and working extremely hard. We knew it was going to be a tough battle to make the World Cup team in the hometown of our competitor, which is a major disadvantage.

This National competition was the final opportunity for many athletes to qualify for the 2020 FINA World Cup (Tokyo, April 21-26, 2020). The World Cup is the last chance for Canada to secure Olympic quota spots for Tokyo 2020.

 Day 1

Vincent Riendeau and Nathan Zsombor-Murray secured a spot at the 2020 FINA World Cup (Tokyo, April 21-26, 2020) by winning the men’s 10-metre synchronized final with a score of 421.05 on the first day of competition, Thursday, December 12th.

Day 2

Caeli McKay led the women’s 10m field from Thursday’s prelims, through Friday’s semis and took the top spot in the final. She set a personal best in Thursday’s prelims (371.25), took the top spot once again in Friday’s semi-final with 369.25 points and then set a new personal best in the final of the women’s 10m with a score of 385.25.

Caeli McKay, 20, will join Olympian Meaghan Benfeito, who previously qualified for the World Cup, in the women’s 10m event.

Day 3

On Saturday, Jennifer Abel and Mélissa Citrini-Beaulieu had their first opportunity of the season to compete alongside one another.

Abel and Citrini-Beaulieu had already qualified for both the 2020 FINA World Cup (Tokyo, April 21-26, 2020) and the 2020 Olympic Games.

Day 4

Jennifer Abel set a new personal best with 385.55 points to win the women’s 3m.

On the men’s side, Zsombor-Murray finished second in the final scoring 485 points while Vincent Riendeau finished fifth with 460.05 – both qualified for the Worlds based on their combined score from the prelims and semis as well.

Zsombor-Murray’s 111 points on his second dive of the final are the highest-scoring dive in Canadian history.


It has been very stressful for the last few months and last few days for everybody. I am very pleased and proud of our divers. The pressure on themselves has been extreme and the work they have been putting has really paid off. We have successfully accomplished our goals that we set for this vitally important Winter Nationals competition.


Head coach, Yihua Li