Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

Pointe-Claire Swim Club has just completed a long series of Championship competitions with great success. We started in February with the 11-12 championships. PCSC won a very convincing victory in addition to winning championship yet. We continued to AA Championship, Quebec Cup, AAA, Canadian Trials, and Canadian Eastern Championships where we were represented by the biggest team in the history of the PCSC with 57 athletes attending.

– 11-12 Championships: Provincial Champions

– AAA Championships:

  • Provincial Champions
  • Largest participating club with 20% of the total qualified athletes participating in the meet

– Canadian Trials:

  • Largest Canadian team in attendance
  • The Qualified:
    • AlysonAckman: Pan Am Lima
    • Colleen Cloetta: Para Pan Am Lima
    • ConnorIsing: World University GamesNaples

– Championship Canada East

  • Largest Canadian Team and National Champions (Points)
  1. Pointe-Claire Swim Club PCSC 3,710.50
  2. Neptune Swimming NN 2,174.50
  3. Oakville Aquatic Club OAK 1,029.50
  4. Etobicoke Swimming ESWIM 929.00

On the individual level, several athletes have qualified for National development teams

– Patrick Hussey: Pan Am Jr Open Water,

– Eric Brown: Marlloca Spain Open Water Festival

– Stanford Li: Marlloca Spain Open Water Festival

– Lora Willar: Butterfly National Development Camp, Vancouver

– Megan Willar: Youth Relay Camp, Vancouver

– Zack Kusak: Youth Relay Camp, Vancouver

Congratulations to all and get some rest!